polycor is a unique & colorful geometric action puzzler. Featuring simple, intuitive controls, addictive & mesmerizing gameplay, crisp & modern graphics, and original music.


poylcor started as an almost completely different game. The primary focus of key timing and "getting something to the center spinning thing" remained. The block elements used to make up each shape gave it a puzzly and strategic feel and heavily influenced the flat, geometric style that the game took overall. You can see some visual progress of this on our various social media pages. The game does, however, retain an infinite, procedural progression which gives it the arcade feel of a traditional "high score" game. The refreshing, original music builds the atmosphere, lending to a chill, yet twitchy experience. All of this has ultimately made polycor into a unique, multi-genre spanning mobile game, all the while keeping it modern, simple, & addictive.


  • Simple, intuitive controls and addictive gameplay
  • Crisp, elegant & refreshing graphics
  • Original, vibrant music; includes multiple tracks
  • Pleasing aesthetics
  • High scores! Compete with your friends and other players!
  • Refreshing color schemes - a different look every time you start a game
  • Play how you want - fast and risky, or slow and thoughtful
  • Easy to understand and play


polycor Trailer and Gameplay YouTube



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